April Rymer

aprilIn my current position as the Agency Executive, it is enjoyable because of the many challenges I encounter on a daily basis. There is not a day that passes by, where I do not have the opportunity to empower someone who is affected with some form of a health disparity.

I have served the community for countless years starting with the care of my Great Grandmother Rosa. Not knowing how to care for bed sores and a non-mobile loved one, I did my best. It was at that time, I knew my passion was the community and caring for the underprivileged with GREAT compassion and a big heart!

As I continue with serving others, my experience lingers on and on. Further, it’s my belief that when an individual makes a small positive change in their life, it brings about a positive change in live.  My ultimate goals are to provide affordable healthcare and educational services to those who are disadvantaged and those who are seeking services regardless of their walks of life.